LISTEN to Steel Panther – 17 Girls In A Row

Steel Panther - 17 Girls In A Row

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Ok, so these guys aren’t a joke. Except they kind of are. But they’re not really. It’s confusing. Actually it’s not. It’s very very simple. They do hair metal songs about sex. That’s about as simple as you can get.


’17 Girls In A Row’, it’s a song about having sex with 17 girls in a row. What more do you need to know?


Obviously, warning, there’s coarse language.


If you happen to love this kind of stuff (and really, why wouldn’t you) you can find it on Steel Panther’s new albumBalls Out(yes,Balls Out) on iTunes here: Balls Out - Steel Panther


You will like this if you like straight up and down sex metal, tongue in cheek humour (which cheek is up to you), or 100% dedication to a character.


Cover _Balls Out Web


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