Need To Know: Monday 12 September

Here are today’s mini bagels of music news


- Paul Simon performed ‘The Sounds Of Silence’ at Ground Zero today, as part of the 10 year memorial of 9/11. It was a touching moment in a day that everybody stopped to remember those affected by the attacks in 2001. (via Youtube)


- Noel Gallagher talked to Spin magazine about going solo for his upcoming album Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. He’s pretty damn honest in it, which is probably what we should expect from a Gallagher, although no chairs were thrown, and there are very few swear words. (via Spin)


- Drake has offered 3 new songs for free download from his blog. They are: ‘Club Paradise’, ‘Free Spirit’ ft Rozay, and Waka Flocka’s ‘Round Of Applause’. That was very generous of Drake, do you think it would be pushing it to ask him to get us a Pony for Christmas, too? (via Octobers’ Very Own)


- There has been a mash up of Kanye & Jay-Z’s ‘N****’s In Paris’ and Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’. Because people can’t just listen to one song at a time anymore, they’re always smooshing them together to save time. Just chill out, people. (via The Music Ninja)


- Pearl Jam are back, and they are on fine form. Here’s a clip of them performing a rock hard version of ‘Ole’ on Fallon.



And here is Eddie Vedder joining in on a song called ‘Balls In Your Mouth’. Seriously, that’s what he’s singing about.



Music Video:

Internet starlet Lana Del Rey has made her new music video for ‘Blue Jeans’, and it picks up where ‘Video Games’ left off...



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