Need To Know: Tuesday 13 September

Here are today’s berry muffins of music news:


- Ne-Yo performed the United States Of America’s national anthem at an NFL match, and he absolutely nailed it. Congrats for remembering all the words, and for pressing your sweet hat to your chest, Ne-Yo, very patriotic. (via Youtube)


- Mick Jagger talked to Spinner about the ego’s that came with SuperHeavy, and also the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones. 50 years is so long ago, that means Jagger would have formed the band when he was 65 years old (Mick Jagger is 115 years old, right?) (via Spinner)


- Nirvana fan’s in Toronto are going to be in heaven when over the course of one night, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is going to be performed 144 times in a row, featuring a host of special guests, and the public themselves. Karaoke as performance art? Maybe we should put on a 24 hour continuous performance of ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ in Auckland, because we own that song at Karaoke. (via Toronto)


- Selena Gomez got a Justin Bieber tattoo! Maybe. It’s probably fake. But their relationship isn’t, you guys, that’s as real as love can get. (via Idolator)


Music video:


Natalia Kills has come up with an alternative video for ‘Free’, because apparently some people didn’t care for a hot girl with a chainsaw (we did, we cared for that very much).



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