Top 10 Songs For Surviving A Head Cold

It’s the middle of winter, and it’s freezing, and you’re miserable, and you’ve got a head cold. Life sucks. Honestly, once a head cold hits you, you’re done. May as well just pack it up and go to bed for 3 days, because there’s no way you’re getting any work done. Pop some pills, cover yourself head to toe in Vicks, put some soup in a thermos, and listen to these 10 songs that will help you survive your terrible disease.


10: Deep Obsession – Cold

 Oh nostalgia, this song isn’t only about being cold, it also provides a valuable reminder about the 90’s, and how fortunate we are not to be living in them anymore. That’s got to make you feel a bit better, right?



9: Liam Finn – Cold Feet

 It’s both a pretty melody, and an accurate description of how you wake up from a fever dream and your duvet has ridden up, leaving your poor feet exposed. Pro Tip – Rub your feet with Vicks and put some warm socks on, it’s like a sauna treatment on a budget.



8: Katy Perry – Hot n Cold

 Hot and Cold is what you feel when you’ve been hugging the heater for an hour, but then need to go to the bathroom because off all the herbal tea you’ve been drinking. All that warmth leaves the body SO QUICKLY when running barefoot on a wooden floor.



7: Aloe Blacc – Life So Hard

 That’s just a good summation of how it feels to be sick. You can’t even breathe properly! Come on people, let a man live!



6: Ne-Yo – So Sick

 Even Ne-Yo is sick, and not sick as in cool, but sick as in phlegm cough. (that’s not what the song seems to be about, but we’re pretty sure there’s some subtext there)



5: Sufjan Stevens – I Want To Be Well

 This is a good mantra for you while you’re sick. Just chant “I want to be well” over and over, and eventually it will happen. And bonus points for the song sounding like a the musical personification of a fever dream, it’s all over the place.



4 : Disturbed – Down With The Sickness

 Literally, you are lying down because of the sickness. Nail. Head. Well done, Disturbed.



3: Coldplay – Shiver

 Double Pun! Coldplay, get it? And Shiver. Plus this is notoriously wussie music, and head colds make even the manliest man a big old wuss.



2: Peggy Lee – Fever

 Sexy. Because some people love the look of a bright red runny nose and droplets of sweat on the forehead. Oh yeah baby. You give us fever.



1 : Cranberries – Zombie

 The perfect song for a head cold. Who hasn’t talked in gibberish while battling through the worst of the sickness. “In my head, in my head, MUM! Zombies. Zombies, in my head! Ughghghg. Cough.”



So does this list help you get through the rough winter days? What songs do you use to help survive the nastiest of head colds?



3 comments for “Top 10 Songs For Surviving A Head Cold”

  1. Jamo
    Friday, 12 August 2011 at 1:50:17 PM

    After reading this I'm starting to feel like I'm getting a cold....better get some chicken soup on the way home.

  2. Pants
    Friday, 12 August 2011 at 2:01:36 PM

    James Brown 'Cold Sweat' would be a good one "Play it on baby!"

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