A Brief History Of Box Man

It’s the feel good story of our generation. From rags to riches, the underdog, the man with talent that was constantly told no, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer, so he made his own way in this world, never compromising his values, no matter what got in his way, and all without the help of Morgan Freeman giving him fatherly advice whenever it looked like he was completely beat.


We’re talking about Box Man, of course.


Not much is known about the mysterious Box Man, until now.


Through diligent research we have discovered some little known facts about his origin.


1: Arriving in America.

Box Man arrived in America on the Titanic in 1965 (*citation needed), when everything was still black and white. He had no possessions, no prospects, and no friends to call on.


Box Titanic



2: Time in the Armed Forces.

With no money to his name, Box Man joined the NAVY, because that’s what people do. Using his unique skills, he was able to help in the relief efforts of numerous disasters, impressing all of his commanding officers and eventually even the President, who awarded Box Man the Orange Triangle Medal for Utililty.


Box Navy



3: Enter Showbiz.

With a bit of buzz behind him, Box Man moved to Hollywood to try his hand at acting. The pinnacle of his career was a brief stint playing Geoffrey, the Butler in The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Unfortunately he was replaced after only 2 episodes, due to his overshadowing of Will Smith, who was becoming jealous.


Box Fresh Prince



4: Dancing.

Outcast from Hollywood, Box Man was forced into street performing for money. He would paint cartoon caricatures of tourists in the Summer, and in Winter he would dance on the sidewalks of L.A. to both earn money and to keep warm. It was there that LMFAO discovered Box Man, put him in a music video, and made him into the truly international star he was always destined to be.




And there you have the origin of Box Man, the greatest story of our generation. Hopefully we are graced with his presence when LMFAO comes to NZ for their show, it would be such an honour to be in the same crowded, sweaty dance floor as him.


12 comments for “A Brief History Of Box Man”

  1. Moira Hemoira
    Thursday, 25 August 2011 at 2:31:11 PM

    I'm pretty sure I met Box Man in Whangarei back in '95, he joined us for a game of hacky sack, cool dude.

  2. Bing Lee
    Thursday, 25 August 2011 at 7:46:44 PM

    Can't believe you forgot to mention Box Man winning the Great umusic Scone Bake-Off of 2011.

  3. Susan Croshaw
    Thursday, 20 October 2011 at 11:30:29 AM

    Boxman was my TA for Soc. 152 at UCSB in '85.

  4. josh
    Thursday, 3 November 2011 at 7:27:26 PM

    w o w from rag to fame thats deep also im boxmans biggest fan im 12 and im seeing ther music video at home then i go to da concert yah g

  5. Justin bieber
    Saturday, 3 December 2011 at 5:23:14 PM

    sure that happened like i saw him fighting with george washinton and eating with squanto i doubt that happend who is boxman
    P.S i saw him making out with taylor swift

  6. lady gaga
    Saturday, 3 December 2011 at 5:26:09 PM

    WHO IS BOX MAN??????????????????????????

  7. babymama
    Saturday, 24 December 2011 at 2:50:17 AM

    I thought JB was my baby's daddy, but now seeing his picture, I realize it was him, not the Beebee's.

  8. Gabby
    Wednesday, 28 December 2011 at 2:03:31 PM

    Box man I LOVE U im only 10 but I'm literally ur NUMBER ONE FAN ask any of my friends I LOVE U!!! rags to fame I'll always love u!!!

  9. Fluffy
    Thursday, 24 May 2012 at 2:05:33 AM

    Why does it say anything about his time with smosh?

  10. steve white
    Saturday, 30 June 2012 at 2:15:00 AM

    Boxman Raped my dog!

  11. Dspo
    Tuesday, 6 May 2014 at 8:23:40 AM

    I agree with gaga who is he

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