Top 10 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Is The Entertainer Of The Year

This week Taylor Swift picked up the Country Music Award for ‘Entertainer Of The Year’ for the second time. The top prize, Taylor’s sixth CMA Award, completes a Triple Crown of major award wins this year for Taylor, who is Billboard’s 2011 Woman of the Year and also the Academy of Country Music’s reigning Entertainer of the Year. 


But we like to believe that she would also pick up the Life Award for ‘Entertainer Of The Year’ as well. Because she transcends country music, she’s music for life.


Why did she pick this award up? Here’s 10 reasons to back it up:


10: She’s so freaking nice

A video to her fans saying ‘Thank You’, and that’s it. Argh, turn down the niceness Taylor, it’s hurting our eyes. Except that you’re so pretty, so that’s making our eyes feel better. Even your prettiness is a kindness. Unbelievable.


9: Taylor on Ellen, meeting her biggest fan

Taylor and Ellen have a good relationship, and it’s centered around making young girls cry. It’s amazing how even being in the presence of Taylor Swift can both emotionally and physically cripple a young girl. And then she goes and sounds so genuine when she says “you are so cute”, making the young girl weep even more effusively. Imagine having that kind of power, we would probably use it for evil.


8: She has her own smell

Want to smell like Taylor Swift? OF COURSE YOU DO! And now you can, with Wonderstruck. Bask inthe rich aroma that is Taylor Swift. FACT: Smelling like Taylor Swift is the best way to make new friends.


7: She covers other people music

See, she doesn’t just do country music. She cracks a little bit of folk too. Here she covers Mumford & Sons ‘White Blank Page’, and she nails it. They should rename Jack Of All Trades as Taylor Of All Trades.


6: Taylor on Ellen meeting her other biggest fan

Wait, how many biggest fans can there be? Surely there can be only one. Like the Highlander. Maybe we should make these girls fight it out to the death to see who truly is Taylor Swifts biggest fan. Ugh, except you know that Taylor would stop the fight, hug them both, and say that we all are Taylor Swift’s biggest fan. Way to ruin a good imaginary girl fight, Taylor.


5: She’s a Covergirl

If you’ve watched Top Model, you would know how hard it is for people to talk and look beautiful at the same time. Taylor does it effortlessly. And look at her crazy eyes!

Taylor Swift Eyes


4: Kanye West – All Of The Lights

Damn it Kanye! Stop interrupting Taylor Swift. Come on!


3: She acts

Did you know she was in CSI? No? That’s because she’s such a good actor, she totally lost herself in the character. You would never know it’s her unless we pointed it out. Taylor Swift is the new Robert De Niro.


2: Her live show is off the charts

Look at that spectacle! And it’s coming to Auckland next year. This show is almost the sole reason she’s considered the best entertaniner going around. Bigger is better, and she goes big.


1: She entertains a lot of people

This is kind of a given. But the sheer number of people she entertains is staggering. Just a casual 75 million views of this youtube clip. That’s stupid crazy how big that number is. We’re pretty sure that’s half the population of Europe (*citation needed).


Love her or hate her, you have to love her (yes that logic stands up). So there you go, 10 reasons why Taylor Swift is genuinely the best performer of this, or any, year.


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