The Week In Review
20 July 2012

Hey guys, happy birthday to me (and toallof us).

The team here at Universal Music were generous enough to get not only Michael Kiwanuka over here to perform for my birthday, but also Justin Bieber.

Thanks guys, you rule.

And sure, you'll see in the papers and on the news that Michael and Justin are over here to "promote" their "albums", but I think we all know that they are really here for my birthday, right?

And you guys, I have no problems sharing Michael and Justin (Or Mikey and Justy as I call them now, because we're friends, which means they can call me Brendie, which I'm ok with).

Michael Kiwanuka has been wowing all of NZ with his acoustic performances (check him out on Good Morning), and I can confirm that he is really cool guy off stage. Super chill and super cool. When I told him it was my birthday, he was all like "Who are you?". Classic Kiwanuka. We joke around, it's cool.

I hope you guys have an awesome time for my birthday, because I sure as hell am.


Mumford & Sons new album announceNo Doubt's new song 'Settle Down'

Things I am excited about #1: A brand new Mumford & Sons album, called Babel, to be released in September. Go back and listen to Sigh No More again, and remember how awesome these guys are.

Things I am excited about #2: No Doubt's new single 'Settle Down'. Because I remember how good No Doubt was back in the day, and the fact that they sound as good now as they do then is ridiculous. 

Free Tame Impala songEllie Goulding video for 'Hanging On'

Things I am excited about #3: A new Tame Impala album? Yes please. It's called Lonerism and they've made a song from it available for free download. What lovely guys. (p.s. check out Innerspeaker their last album, it's worth it)

Things I am excited about #4: Ellie Goulding. Because Ellie Goulding. 

Competition: Win Frank Ocean - Channel Orange

It's my birthday and I'll give away what I want to. Luckily Frank Ocean's stunning album Channel Orange has just come out in CD form, so let's give 5 of these away, shall we?

Just email with the subject line "Frank Ocean please" and you are in to win.

Easy as.

Album Of The Week: Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again

To coincide with his promo trip to NZ, Michael Kiwanuka's beautiful debut album Home Again has been put on sale on iTunes. Pick it up for $10.99 and enjoy his smooth soulful songs.

Bonus Videos!

Congrats, you made it to the end of the newsletter, here's your reward...

1: Kitten isn't good at sneak attacks. WATCH

2: A Doberman and kitten play with each other. Half cute half terrifying. WATCH