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Michael Kiwanuka is officially the most exciting thing about 2012. Here’s why.

Michael Kiwanuka has just topped the BBC Sound Of 2012 poll, which is a bit of a big deal. We show you why he did...

Hello 2012, you’re looking very nice, let’s get to know each other.

Welcome back! It’s so good to see your smiling face. Or, you know, what we imagine your smiling face looks like. It looks good, by the way.

See you later 2011, you were fun.

Our last post for the year, how emotional. Are you going to be ok? We'll see each other next year, so don't worry about it too much...

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$2000 cold hard cash for playing dress-ups! Easy! PS: @EmpireOfTheSun's new album 'Ice on the Dune' is out Friday
umusic NZ - Tue 11 Jun 13 @ 20:31

RT @ZMonline: We want you to give Empire Of The Sun's look a go! Thanks to ZM and @umusicNZ, you could win $2000! More deets HERE > http://…
umusic NZ - Tue 11 Jun 13 @ 6:44

The comments say it all. "Foster The People wish they were this good!". Loving Gypsy & The Cat - 'It's a Fine Line'.
umusic NZ - Tue 11 Jun 13 @ 6:36

The 30 best pop songs right now: SUGAR HIGH #Spotify
umusic NZ - Tue 11 Jun 13 @ 5:01