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Supermodels “sing” Maroon 5’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’, should probably stick to day job.

Just a casual video of Victoria's Secret models singing and dancing to 'Moves Like Jagger'. What more do you need to know?

Need To Know: Friday 30 September

Today's music news:


Maroon 5 remixes 'Moves Like Jagger', Lana Del Rey remixes 'Video Games', The Rapture remixes 'How Deep Is Your Love', Lady Gaga gets buck-teeth for fashion, and new music videos from The Grates and Blink-182.

Need To Know: Thursday 18 August

Here’s where you get to find out all the good/bad/pretty/ugly things that are going on in the world.


This time: Eminem, Lil Wayne, Adam Levine, Taylor Swift, James Blake & Bon Iver, Bjork, and the best Jay-Z & Kanye/Milo & Otis mashup you've ever seen.


The Voice - Season 1 Ep2 Recap

So I hope everyone watched episode two of The Voice. Did you? Can you even remember it? What was it, like, five days ago now? I’m sorry. I was supposed to have this recap with you all sooner – but I hadn’t even seen it until yesterday. There is a very sympathetic and heartbreaking story behind this – whereby the MySky app on my iPhone didn’t work properly or something. Please, hold your tears. But look - what matters, is that I’ve seen it now. So let’s imagine it’s Monday or whatever, we’re sipping on our Monday coffees, taking a break from organizing the busy week ahead (this Monday thing is very important to me, OK?)– let’s put on our recap caps and take a look back at this beast of an episode...

Moves Like Jagger On Set Photos. (Pretty Much Just A Topless Adam Levine)

Well at least it isn’t a teaser video...


Here are some photos from the set of Maroon 5’s music video for ‘Moves Like Jagger’ (which is still our funtimes song of the year so far).


Check out Adam Levine all skinny and topless...

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