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Music Video: Nero goes psychedelic in ‘Reaching Out’

Nero go very 80's and very trippy with their new music video for 'Reaching Out'...

LISTEN to (and WIN) Nero – Promises

Nero have just hit number 1 on the UK music charts with their song 'Promises'. Have a listen to see if it's got the same potential for hit status in NZ.


Plus we've got 5 copies of their album Welcome Paradise to give away...

The Voice - Season 1 Ep5 Recap

After four weeks of epic scream-battles, heroes, villains and poor hat decisions – we got a chance to rest a little this week with a lower key episode – with smaller personalities and less obvious song choices. I dare say episode five was the “Led Zeppelin III” ofThe Voice season one. Which I’m pretty sure is exactly the comparison the producers were going for.  It was yet another Battle Round ep, where contestants engage in weird duets that are less duets and more a game of Singstar with high production values. Let’s see how they all fared...

The Voice - Season 1 Ep2 Recap

So I hope everyone watched episode two of The Voice. Did you? Can you even remember it? What was it, like, five days ago now? I’m sorry. I was supposed to have this recap with you all sooner – but I hadn’t even seen it until yesterday. There is a very sympathetic and heartbreaking story behind this – whereby the MySky app on my iPhone didn’t work properly or something. Please, hold your tears. But look - what matters, is that I’ve seen it now. So let’s imagine it’s Monday or whatever, we’re sipping on our Monday coffees, taking a break from organizing the busy week ahead (this Monday thing is very important to me, OK?)– let’s put on our recap caps and take a look back at this beast of an episode...

The Voice - Season 1 Ep1 Recap

So “The Voice” has started airing in New Zealand! Finally! Remember all the press you read about what an incredible and unique cultural phenomenon and non-non-event it was when it aired in the States? No? Ok, me neither, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give it a chance.  You in? Good. Cancel your plans for the next eleven Saturday nights...

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$2000 cold hard cash for playing dress-ups! Easy! PS: @EmpireOfTheSun's new album 'Ice on the Dune' is out Friday
umusic NZ - Tue 11 Jun 13 @ 20:31

RT @ZMonline: We want you to give Empire Of The Sun's look a go! Thanks to ZM and @umusicNZ, you could win $2000! More deets HERE > http://…
umusic NZ - Tue 11 Jun 13 @ 6:44

The comments say it all. "Foster The People wish they were this good!". Loving Gypsy & The Cat - 'It's a Fine Line'.
umusic NZ - Tue 11 Jun 13 @ 6:36

The 30 best pop songs right now: SUGAR HIGH #Spotify
umusic NZ - Tue 11 Jun 13 @ 5:01